What is Physio Pilates?

Physio Pilates

Physio Pilates, an ideal combination.

As the owner of a business that sells two services, I’m constantly trying to figure out the best way to promote them.  We’re lucky in that we have the ability to combine both of these services into the wonder that is Physio Pilates.  We offer Physio, we offer Pilates; we also offer a combination of the two that is great for many things but particularly great for people who are preparing for surgery.  With the introduction of our Physio Pilates group sessions in November, we have been helping people gain strength mainly before and after hip and knee replacements.

We have seen wonderful outcomes with these classes.  These positive outcomes include faster recovery after surgery and even putting off pending surgeries indefinitely.

With arthritis, it’s a vicious circle. The arthritis causes joint pain that can be debilitating. This pain causes people suffering from it to move less which then leads to a very deconditioned body.  Essentially, pain avoidance makes people less active.  Going into surgery in this deconditioned state is not ideal.  This is where Pilates equipment is great.  The Reformer in particular allows people to build strength while partial weight bearing (think footwork).  You lie down on the reformer bed and do leg presses against spring resistance.  As strength improves, we can increase the spring tension as needed.

Footwork is great for leg strength but full body conditioning is what we target in our physio Pilates classes. In these hour long group or private sessions, we focus on the problem area but are able to create a full body workout for each patient that has long lasting benefits.  It’s important to build strength around the joint that will be replaced but the other limb (hip or knee), is even more important, as it’s going to be doing extra work.  Let’s not forget the arms and core to support that operated limb and your back muscles are also key to supporting you during recovery.   

Private or Group sessions

We have various booking options available under Physio Pilates.  After an initial Physiotherapy assessment, patients can opt to have one on one Pilates  instruction with exercises prescribed and supervised by a Physiotherapist. There is also the option to join one of our group physio Pilates sessions with a  max of 3 people in the class. These session are co-taught by the Pilates instructor and our Physiotherapist. All of our physio Pilates sessions are billable under extended health benefits. Click on Rates from the menu bar to learn about pricing.

At our studio there are many different options available to people who need a little extra attention with an injury or surgery looming.  You don’t have to have a surgery booked to try out our physio Pilates classes.  If you’re interested, take the first step and book an assessment today.