Pilates is a strengthening regime for all levels of fitness. CoreWorks has a complete collection of Stott Pilates equipment, providing a vast repertoire of versatile low impact exercises that keep you challenged as you progress.

At CoreWorks, we tailor Pilates programs to your specific needs, and every session works from this program. Our clients can then benefit from scheduling flexibility, as exercises are always based on an individual program. This approach remains consistent in private or duet sessions. Our Pilates teachers guide each client through a program of exercises unique to that person’s goals, ensuring a non-stop flow of exercises, corrective cues and encouragement.

Pilates is perfect for fitness enthusiasts looking to fine tune strength training.  It is also beneficial for pre- and post-natal women, those recovering from injury or surgery, or those preparing in the weeks before a surgery. Pilates builds overall strength and muscle balance by focusing on deep stabilization and flexibility.

Please note, before joining a group session, we ask that all new clients complete between 1 and 3 (discounted) private classes (to know more see our FAQ here).  In these classes we introduce you to the Pilates fundamentals and equipment and build your personal program.  When you click on the book button, choose  “First Private Class”.



free Pilates assessment

We will introduce you to our studio, the Pilates fundamentals and discuss your goals in this 30 minute free session.  Click on the button below and navigate to the "PRIVATES/ASSESSMENTS” TAB and click on “FREE ASSESSMENTS”