Our experienced registered physiotherapists use a mixture of traditional manual therapy and joint mobilizations to guide you through a clinically based primary healing process. If you are struggling with pain or dysfunction in one or more joints or muscles, that just does not seem to be going away on it’s own, consider an initial review by our physiotherapist.

A detailed assessment will provide you with a provisional diagnosis and a plan for how to improve. If appropriate, Pilates exercises will be incorporated into the treatment by prescribing rehabilitative Pilates exercises that are then taught on the Pilates equipment.


Where appropriate, Physio Pilates is our prime therapeutic modality. Exercises are prescribed by the Physiotherapist and shared with the Pilates instructor, who takes the client through their agreed treatment program.  If you have extended healthcare benefits that include Physiotherapy, these Physio-Pilates sessions will be covered. (see FAQ’s)

How does physio Pilates work?

The first step to getting starting with Physio Pilates is to book an initial assessment with one of our Registered Physiotherapists.  

They will take a full health history and assess what’s going on.  Then they can make a recommendation about the length and duration of your physio Pilates classes and prescribe appropriate exercises for you to do with the Pilates Instructor.

We ask that physio Pilates patients check back in with the Physiotherapist every 4-6 weeks to re-assess the physio Pilates program.

However, once released from the Physiotherapist treatment stage, you can opt to join our group Pilates classes to continue a personalised strengthening regime.  Our group Pilates classes are not covered by extended health benefits.


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