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Momentumfest 2019

Pilates instructor Jessica Valant and her husband Jon set up Momentumfest a Pilates inspired celebration of movement for instructors and enthusiasts alike.I wondered if it would be a bunch of chiselled Pilates obsessives doing five hours of Pilates a day and judging everyone around them who did not.  I’m pleased to report it was actually the exact opposite.  A movement celebration is exactly what it was.

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Autoimmune diseases and Pilates

Many studies demonstrate the positive effects of exercise on people living with an autoimmune disease. These can include increased energy, reduced fatigue, reduced anxiety and depression, reduced inflammation, improvement in sleep quality, and an overall reduction in pain…Pilates can promote well-being and improved quality of life in those suffering from autoimmune disorders.

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Managing arthritic pain with exercise, especially Pilates

Equipment Pilates is an excellent form of exercise for  people with severe Osteoarthritis because a lot of the work we do is partial weight bearing, (lying down) and the compressional forces that exist when you are standing, are not there.

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