Christina Fairhurst

Pilates instructor

Christina comes from an administrative background in the non-profit sector, and is certified through Pilates Process. After multiple surgeries over the course of a year, she was experiencing weakness in her core along with many other muscular imbalances, which made her recovery challenging. Her physiotherapist suggested she try Pilates, and she was amazed at the difference she saw after just a few sessions. This incredible shift led to her decision to certify in Pilates. Having experienced first-hand the positive change that Pilates made in her body and mind, she wanted to help people in their pursuit of improved mobility, health, and wellness. Christinafinds it so rewarding to see how good it makes people feel after each session! She continues to expand her knowledge of Pilates and the body
through her own research and additional courses. Her career goal is a focus on therapeutic Pilates to further assist people recovering from surgery and injury.