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Connect Therapy (TM) A holistic Approach to Physiotherapy

 ConnectTherapyTM is a revolutionary systematic approach to assessing and treating you as a whole. No motion in the body occurs in isolation (even your neck muscles work every time you move your eyes!), so if motion is what are you having problems with, why focus on just one or two parts in isolation?

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Ergonomics - Making your job work with your body, not against it.

We spend our lives aware of risks. We wear a seat belt when we get in a car, or life-jackets when on water. But the small everyday actions that take up much of our lives carry a less obvious risk. One that can take time. Something your employer is duty bound to help you address - even if the employer is you!

So, next time you look at your desk, your car, your work station, why not take a moment to consider how to re-arrange the job to work with your body and not against it

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